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From Struggle to Strength: Barbara High Pine's Inspiring Journey of Rebuilding Home and Life.

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

A Note From Jeri Baker:

"Several years ago I got to know Barbara High Pine and have been lucky to be her friend. During a storm a few years ago, the roof of her house caved in and she has lived in only part of her house ever since. The structure was in disrepair and could not be restored to livable conditions. Recently, I talked with the construction crew from Ohio who has been instrumental in volunteering to help us build the expansion to the Buffalo House. After they saw Barbara's house, we worked together and found a way to pre-build a new house and bring it to the Reservation in parts. Two days ago, the house was completed and Barbara moved in. Since that time she has been sleeping in the lounge/lift chair that supporters from Ohio so generously donated to her. Barbara is an artist, writer, medicine woman, and spiritual person. We still have a way to go to help her have the things she needs but we are nearly there." - One Spirit Director, Jeri Baker

Now that Barbara has moved into her new home, she is in need of some necessities around the house. If you would like to help provide those for her, donations can be made at


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