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Charging Buffalo Meat Processing Facility

Bringing Back Buffalo As A Traditional Food Source for Lakota

In 2016, we built the first and only meat processing facility on Pine Ridge Reservation, the Charging Buffalo Meathouse. The facility provides employment opportunities, helps bring back the buffalo herds, and provides healthy, traditional meat.

We are proud to introduce the Charging Buffalo Meat Processing Facility, the first and only meat processing plant on Pine Ridge Reservation. This groundbreaking facility not only creates employment opportunities but also plays a vital role in reviving the buffalo herds and providing access to healthy, traditional meat.

Helping the Lakota People Thrive While Preserving Their Rich Traditions

Driven by the impassioned voices of our Lakota employees and friends, One Spirit rallied support to re-establish a buffalo herd on the Pine Ridge Reservation and successfully construct the Charging Buffalo Meat Processing Facility, affectionately referred to as the "Meathouse" by our manager, Bamm Brewer. Previously, the Lakota people had to bear the burden of transporting animals to Nebraska for processing, incurring significant expenses. Now, with the Meathouse, they can process their dietary staple locally, enjoying tremendous savings.

USDA Certification: A Game Changer

The Meathouse has received full approval from the South Dakota state government, ensuring that clean, healthy buffalo and game meats can be distributed to tribal members through our Food Program. While we currently work towards additional refrigeration and other upgrades, we are excited to share that full USDA certification is on the horizon. This milestone will not only allow the Charging Buffalo Facility to sell its products beyond the reservation but also pave the way for expansion, increased employment, and enhanced revenue for the Oglala Lakota community.

An Innovative Way To Integrate Lakota Culture

At One Spirit, we are committed to honoring and integrating traditional Lakota culture into every project and program. As a testament to this dedication, we have installed solar panels at the Charging Buffalo Meathouse, generously provided by Everybody Solar. This sustainable energy solution not only supports the facility's operations but also aligns with our ethos of promoting a harmonious relationship with nature.

We Need Your Help To Keep The Traditions Going

The traditional diet of the Oglala Lakota has always included buffalo and game meats

Despite the slaughter of the huge herds of bison which once roamed the plains by white settlers and hunters (often merely for hides), the Lakota have kept their hopes for returning the buffalo to their ancestral lands. As the only meat processing facility on the Rez, it allows the Lakota to harvest and process their sacred buffalo in the traditional and ceremonial way.

The Charging Buffalo Meathouse stands as one of One Spirit's most significant and expensive accomplishments, aiming to empower the Lakota people to help themselves. However, to fully realize the facility's potential in providing healthy food to tribal members and expanding sales beyond the reservation, we require additional funds. Your donation can make a substantial impact by financing the necessary upgrades for full certification and unlocking the Charging Buffalo Facility's growth.

If you share our vision of supporting this important work, we gratefully welcome your contributions. Your donation can be earmarked for the Charging Buffalo Facility, ensuring that it directly supports the advancement of this vital initiative. Together, let's make a lasting difference in the lives of the Oglala Lakota community.

Join us in preserving traditions, empowering communities, and fostering resilience. Donate today and help us build a brighter future for the Lakota people.

How We Make A Difference

We invite you to learn more about how we make an impact while also maintaining the rich culture of the Oglala Lakota people of Pine Ridge Reservation

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