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Ending Hunger: Empowering Pine Ridge Reservation with Your Support

No one deserves to go hungry. For nearly two decades, our Food Distribution Program has stood as a beacon of hope on Pine Ridge Reservation, tirelessly working to provide nutritious food to those in need and combat the food desert that has long plagued this community.

In partnership with the Lakota people, we are embarking on a transformative 3 to 5-year plan to foster self-sufficiency and eradicate the "food desert" designation. Central to this plan is regenerative agriculture, aimed at tackling drought and ensuring a sustainable food supply for both the people and the animals. We've already taken significant strides by establishing produce gardens, and a fruit orchard, and planning regenerative agricultural programs. However, as we look to the present, we are thrilled to announce a major expansion - the opening of THREE new food pantries on Pine Ridge Reservation, tripling our capacity to provide high-quality, nutritious food to the community. Supporting Pine Ridge Reservation:

A Journey Towards Self-Sufficiency

Pine Ridge Reservation has long grappled with food insecurity, but our commitment to change that narrative is unwavering. Through the Food Distribution Program, we are working in harmony with the Lakota people to implement a comprehensive plan that will empower the community to become self-sufficient and put an end to the food desert dilemma.

Regenerative Agriculture

Our approach to sustainable food solutions includes regenerative agriculture practices. We recognize the importance of safeguarding the environment while securing food sources. Initiatives, like produce gardens, a thriving fruit orchard in Red Shirt, and upcoming regenerative agricultural programs for buffalo and horse grazing fields, are already making a significant impact.

Expanding Access to Healthy Food

In the here and now, we understand the urgent need for immediate access to healthy food. That's why we are thrilled to announce our plan to open THREE new food pantries on Pine Ridge Reservation. These facilities will replicate the successful model of our current pantry in Allen, transforming shipping containers into refrigerated, clean spaces where visitors can shop with dignity, knowing that the food they take home will be of the highest quality.

A Lifeline for the Community

Many individuals on Pine Ridge Reservation, despite receiving government benefits, still experience hunger just 1-2 weeks after their benefits are exhausted. Facilities like ours serve as a crucial lifeline for these families, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry. Your support will enable us to meet this pressing need head-on.

No one deserves to go hungry, and together, we can make a difference. By supporting our efforts to open THREE new food pantries on Pine Ridge Reservation, you are not only providing immediate relief but also contributing to a sustainable, self-sufficient future for this community.

Join us today in the fight against hunger.

Make a donation today and help us transform lives on Pine Ridge Reservation. Together, we can ensure that no one goes hungry again.


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