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Youth Programs

Enriching The Lives of Lakota Youth

We strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of the young Lakota people of Pine Ridge Reservation. We offer a variety of youth programs and services designed to support their educational, social, emotional, and professional development.

Allen Youth Center

The AYC gives children a safe environment to spend time, do school work, receive a hot meal, and learn about Lakota values and traditions. The AYC is also home to a laundromat and food pantry for the community.

Camp Marrowbone

In partnership with the Sioux YMCA, Camp Marrowbone is a one-week summer camp for children to spend time outdoors and embrace Lakota culture. Activities include arts and crafts, hiking, outdoor sports, and water activities as well as traditional Lakota education and traditions.

Horse Spirit Camp

Horse Spirit Camp provides traditional Lakota horse activities to children and adults. While lessons include caretaking and riding, participants also learn about self-respect, responsibility, and self-confidence. The goal of these camps is to teach traditional Lakota culture and language to enhance physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

Summer Employment Program

The youth employment program offers young adults the opportunity to leave the reservation to work and live in a new town for the summer to gain work training and experience new surroundings and activities.


Empower the Lakota People of Pine Ridge Reservation

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