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Growing Together: How Regenerative Gardens Cultivate Nutrition and Unity

The #CountdownToSummer is still going strong! There are 34 DAYS until Memorial Day and today we want to continue our focus on food and outdoor fun by highlighting our #RegenerativeGarden program! There are several new gardens in different areas of the reservation that are taking root and beginning to provide organic and nutritious food for the community!

Some of the most common health-related issues on the reservation are diabetes, heart disease, and general malnutrition. Many children rely on school lunches to fill their bellies because there isn't enough food at home. Calls are constantly coming in to our team members looking for food assistance. In order to address the critical demand of healthy food, we met with several experts last year who helped lead us in the planning and planting of gardens that not only provide fruits and vegetables, but also provide an amazing opportunity for children and adults to learn about gardening and connect with the Earth in a spiritual way - something that is incredibly important in Lakota culture. As the years go on, these gardens will continue to provide more and more food - getting the reservation closer to the goal of self-sufficiency and out of the current food desert!

The One Spirit #CountdownToSummer Fundraiser is raising money to support programs like this one so that we can provide a season to remember! You can join us today with a #donation at


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