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Ways We Empower the Lakota and Make An Impact In Their Lives

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Today, as we face ongoing challenges, One Spirit remains steadfast in our mission to "Help the Lakota Help Themselves." Our volunteer staff continues to work tirelessly, seeking new and innovative ways to enhance our programs and create new ones that will have a lasting impact on the lives of the Oglala Lakota community.

The Food Program: A Foundation of Support

Our renowned Food Program stands as the first and most urgent need for the Oglala Lakota of Pine Ridge—a community plagued by poverty, unemployment, and limited access to healthy food sources. This program has made significant strides in alleviating the crisis of the "food desert," but the work is far from over.

Expanding the Charging Buffalo Meat House

Through the dedicated efforts of our grant guru, Will Pierson, One Spirit has secured funding to expand and improve the Charging Buffalo Meat House. This expansion will enable the distribution of healthy protein on the reservation and ensure full federal approval for sales off the reservation. By doing so, we not only generate revenue but also create employment opportunities for more Lakota individuals. Under the exceptional leadership of Bamm Brewer, the Buffalo House stands as one of our proudest achievements, honoring the unique and valued Lakota culture by bringing back Tatanka.

Reaching the Farthest Corners

We acknowledge the geographical challenges faced by those living far from the Pine Ridge supermarket, where distance and lack of transportation hinder access to essential supplies. To address this, we are exploring options such as acquiring a mobile trailer capable of carrying fresh and frozen foods to reach remote areas or establishing several pantries in distant parts of the reservation. These efforts aim to ensure that the Oyate can obtain the food they need while making their own choices.

Empowering Through Choice

As we progress with these innovative approaches, our ultimate goal is to provide the Oglala Lakota with greater food options, moving away from the traditional food boxes that limit choice. We believe that offering individuals the freedom to make their own healthy food selections will significantly improve their overall well-being. With more options becoming available, this opportunity allows individuals to reflect on their own personal food preferences and take ownership of their dietary choices.


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