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Breaking News: Lakota YouthStay Joins One Spirit as a Youth Initiative

Greetings to our dear supporters and advocates of One Spirit,

We're thrilled to kick off our IMPACT series with a heartwarming announcement that promises to make a lasting difference. In an exciting collaboration, Lakota YouthStay, a cherished and successful summer program for Lakota youth, has officially become a Youth Initiative under the umbrella of One Spirit.

Lakota YouthStay Logo

Empowering Lakota Youth Through Cultural Exchange

Lakota YouthStay is not just a program; it's a transformative experience. For nine days, Lakota children and teens embark on a journey to Massachusetts, immersing themselves in shared group activities in the greater Boston/Eastern Massachusetts area. The carefully curated activities are designed to engage the unique interests of the Lakota youth while creating invaluable opportunities for non-Natives to learn about Lakota culture.

The heart of the program lies in the bonds between Lakota youth and local host families. From sharing breakfast together to participating in various group experiences and day trips, Lakota YouthStay believes that travel and learning about people different from oneself is one of the most potent forms of education.

Joy Harris, the visionary founder and director of Lakota YouthStay, eloquently states, “Lakota YouthStay and One Spirit share a belief in and commitment to intercultural learning and engagement as a path towards mutual understanding, awareness, and a fuller appreciation of the beauty of Lakota history, culture, and contemporary life.”

Seven Years of Impactful Stories

Over the course of seven years, Lakota YouthStay has hosted dozens of participants, providing them with the opportunity to experience new things, learn more about themselves, and broaden their understanding of the world. Now, as they join forces with One Spirit, we are delighted to welcome them into our family as we continue our mission to support the Lakota people of Pine Ridge Reservation.

Join us in making a big IMPACT. Your support can truly change lives.
Visit to make a contribution and be part of this transformative journey.

Together, we can create waves of positive change, one story at a time.


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