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Winters in South Dakota are notorious for being intense and often ruthless.

Temperatures can drop below zero at night with wind chills that, if not properly sheltered, can cause a person serious injury or even death.

To make matters more difficult, most homes on the rez aren't equipped with heat systems like most modern homes in the US. Many rely on old wood stoves that are in poor condition.

Each year, One Spirit is able to deliver firewood and other necessary winter supplies to hundreds of Lakota people across the reservation. This effort has been ongoing since the founding of One Spirit almost 20 years ago. This year, in addition to providing firewood, One Spirit has also been performing inspections on woods stoves. As the years have gone on, it has been made clear that warmth is more than just a physical necessity; it is a source of comfort, a symbol of care and safety. And so, each piece of wood that is delivered becomes a piece of warmth and resilience for a family in need.

These deliveries and inspections have made it even more clear that help is needed critically. No one deserves to shiver inside their home. No one should have to consider burning their own clothes to keep their fire going. No one should feel worried about the safety of themselves and their family when a blizzard is on it's way.

Today, you can join us in having an IMPACT on the lives of those who need help. You can provide firewood and stove repairs to homes across Pine Ridge Reservation by making a donation today!

Together, we can make a big IMPACT!!


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